Review: Jetboil's Compact Two-Burner Base Camp Stove

"If you're familiar at all with Jetboil, you know they make some badass stoves. The MicroMo, which we've used extensively, is an extremely compact and efficient camping stove that, thanks to Jetboil's FluxRing, can bring a liter of water to boil so fast you'll barely have had a chance to dig out your coffee grounds.

It can also regulate heat down to a simmer that's largely unachievable with most other camp stoves–while actually staying lit–and once all is said and done, folds into itself to a nice, petite size. It's truly an impressive piece of gear, and one you'll be wishing you had years earlier, particularly at coffee time.

But while Jetboil has built their reputation of single-pot camp stove, they more recently came out with their two-burner Genesis Base Camp stove system, which, like all JB stoves, folds in on itself and collapses down (minus the propane tank) to the size of a medium-sized pasta pot. Once unraveled, the Base Camp has two separate burners, each with an enormous range of burn options from a simmer so low it'd take eight hours to cook a single egg to a raging inferno. A clicking ignitor mechanism works pretty well if there's little to no wind around, but if the trade winds are up in your camp site, it'd be best to bring a lighter. 

Outside of the highly portable (although not quite backpacking friendly) size and huge range of heat output, the other highlight of the Base Camp system is the light, non-stick pan and pot that come with the system. Not having to necessarily pack butter or oil to keep your cooking pans stick-free, and not having to deal with a messy cleanup and all the assorted tools, rags, and trashbags to do so in the woods consummates a step up in your camping cook game that cannot be overstated."

- Ryan Dunfee